Family Law


Making the decision to file for divorce or seeking assistance after you have been served divorce papers can be complicated. Here at Legal Service Centers we can assist you with the preparation of your divorce documents. We help you either start a a new petition or respond to the petition. Have you started your divorce an do not know how to continue or finish the case. We can finish the case for you. Click here for more information.

Child Custody 

Cases can be very complex and require a lot of time and effort on both side with clients and agent. If the parties cannot agree as to child custody the court will be called on by the parties to make a determination as to what is the best interest of the children. Of course, the parties going through the divorce will use their best efforts to try to persuade the court that the best interest of the parties is for one of the parties to have more time than the other. For these reasons it is important to have a plan in advance and explore every possible aspect of settlement when it comes to child custody. Click here for more information.

Child Support

When a family with young children comes to a diversion in the road and deals with a situation of a separation one of the most difficult factors is determining child support. It is a sensitive but vital factor because it involves the health and well being of a child. Legal Service Centers has experienced associates that are ready to assist you in applying or modifying for Child Support. Click here for more information.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (“QDRO”)

Qualified domestic relations order or QDRO is a legal order subsequent to a divorce or legal separation that splits and changes ownership of a retirement plain to give the divorced spouse their share of the asset or pension plan.  Click here for more information.

Restraining Order or Response 

A restraining order is a temporary court order issued to prohibit an individual from carrying out a particular action, especially approaching or contacting a specified person.

When a person is accused of a domestic violence offense, he or she could face more consequences than just criminal penalties. After an incident, the alleged victim could seek a protective order. This order could create new restrictions for the accused and even force the person to leave his or her home. These orders can be complicated and overbearing. Even one minor violation could mean additional criminal penalties. If someone is seeking a protective order against you, it is important to know the battle you face. Click here for more information.


With over 10 years Experience in Family Law our office can draft all motion pertaining to every aspect of Family Law.


When choosing a Legal Document Assistant Office, it always best to make sure the office is Licensed, Registered and Bonded with the County to perform these services. At least this way, you know your working with an experience office.



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